Wholesale video production.

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We're a professional film studio with an affordable and unique approach to how video is produced.

Traditional cinema production is not expensive because of the actual filming and editing. The excessive zero's on that quote go mostly to something you already have: ideas.


Your ideas, our cameras.

Wholesale pricing.

By letting you control the vision and creative direction, we're able to offer prices that are actually wholesale.

Many entrepreneurs, directors, and marketing professionals, like yourself, have a pretty good idea of what they want in their videos.

The high costs in traditional video production don't go to what's behind the camera, but what goes in front of the camera.

  • For entrepreneurs, this means more capital for growth.

  • For marketing agencies, this means mark-ups and profit on each video.

  • For businesses, this means increasing digital content and sales.

You probably already have a strategy. And a target audience. And ideas for your script. Hell–you might even have some creativity.

Cinema production value.

Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it looks cheap.

We bring you the resources of a film studio. Time to say goodbye to YouTube tutorials and iMove videos.

Fast. Guaranteed.

No more waiting months to get your project done. Our entire model is based on efficiency, because we understand wasted time equals wasted dollars. Efficiency is a win-win for both sides.

We make you look professional with everything from lights, to backdrops, to gaff tape.

Edmonton, AB

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