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    Give us a call or shoot us an emai! We're always happy to help. 780-619-2891
  • Dang! Why is it so much cheaper?!
    Here's the difference: we give you control. You get to have a say in what happens behind the scenes, and if you don't need something, you don't pay for it! The concept of our integrated block system breaks apart all the components that go into your video and lets you see transparently how much each part—or "block"—costs exactly. You don't have to worry about paying for stuff you don't need, wasted hours, or upselling. The efficiency this approach creates allows us to accomplish your video goals at a fraction of the usual cost without compromising quality.
  • I'm a little confused... How does this work?
    Our website is designed to be as helpful and transparent as possible. It's not perfect, but our Quote Builder can get you started with setting your budget, while our online booking page is great for blocking off a filming session on our calendar. But otherwise, we're still human! Feel free to reach out at any time and talk with a person. 780-619-2791
  • What kind of videos do you make?
    Marketing, promo, events, interviews, vlogs, products, time-lapse, your cat, your Dad's 60th birthday... okay you get the idea. Whatever your idea is, chances are we can make it happen!
  • What if I don't know what I want in my video?
    No problem! That's where we come in to provide free consultation phone calls to help pick the best style and content to best showcase your organization. You can always reach out to brainstorm ideas and get some free advice. Consultation meetings can also be booked for a fee. Give us a call! 780-619-2791
  • Do I have to book online?
    Nope, we are more than happy to book with you over the phone instead. Using our online block system is the best way to see visually what we offer and book a filming date instantly, but if a phone call works better give us a shout: 780-619-2791
  • What if I already have footage and just need editing?
    Simple! Our block system allows for a variety of options with or without existing footage. You can pick your styles and details and just select "no filming" under the filming session option. We'll connect with you to get your footage and work with what you already have.
  • The online Quote Builder is too limiting—can we use other ideas?
    Don't hesitate to let us know if you have other ideas that are outside the block booking system. The human element will never disappear, but the online platform just helps bring better efficiency to the process. We will always work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • Is there special pricing for marketing agencies?
    Yes! We offer 15% discounts on top of our wholsale pricing as well as additional free perks such as rush turnaround, stock footage, consultation, and a variety of upgrades!


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